Global Resource Energy, Inc. (OTCQB: GBEN) is a development stage clean technology company interested in the development and commercialization prospects of new and innovative technologies aimed at creating a safer and cleaner environment while improving the health of the domestic economy. Sustainable growth is the cornerstone of the Company’s mandate and vision and Management embraces the convergence of environmental solutions and economic viability as a yardstick for stakeholder success.

The company has recently entered into an agreement with a license holder of a significant technology that shows extraordinary promise under laboratory conditions.  The MyCroft® fuel cell is a ‘recirculating loop electric generator’ (R-LEG) which utilizes the motion of hydrogen within a sealed loop to create electricity that appears scalable to a wide number of commercial applications.

The system has been investigated with measured performance documented by researchers from a highly respected research and testing laboratory. Further research and development is underway with a number of potential outcomes that could prove viable within a relatively short period of time. The system is practical and effective and could be developed for small scale (micro power) medical applications with economies of scale eventually leading to industrial and residential applications. 

Global Resource Energy plans to optimize the management and development of the MyCroft® technology through a number of funding scenarios in a controlled and responsible manner in order to best capitalize on what, if successful, could be a truly disruptive technology able to significantly alter the current state of the industry and to bring alternative fuel cell technologies rapidly into the forefront of the burgeoning alternative energy sector.

Global Resource Energy Inc is a Clean Energy Solutions Company that seeks to deliver Clean Renewable Energy around the world, with an initial focus on North America. Our principal focus is to acquire evolving renewable technologies and to deliver reliable, clean energy that is harvested from local sustainable natural resources like Wind, Sun, Water and Earth.

Global Resource Energy is a clean energy company that will provide services and solutions to businesses, communities and individuals so we can all enjoy a cleaner environment today and for tomorrow.